Scrambling Your Way To Fun Golf

This article talks about the subject of trying the golf scramble format to get more people curious about the extraordinary game of golf.

Studies indicate that the rate of people who play golf has not improved in the last few years. A large reason for this is the cost that comes with enjoying such a pastime.

However, another reason has to be the challenge of playing the game with adequate skill. People get humiliated when their scores are poor. Some individuals get past this issue by just golfing on a non-competitive level, which means that golfer is a person who does not keep score. They just go out and have a good time as they advance throughout the course. That way they can avoid having to share a high golf score.

Let me recommend a technique to get new golfers more interested in the game of golf. Think about trying the scramble.

A scramble is not a formal golf format recognized by the United States Golf Association (USGA) of the Royal and Ancient Golf Club of St. Andrews, Scotland (R&A). It is a more relaxed method of playing golf that is used often nowadays in more informal and relaxed golf tournaments.

The scramble format involves each player hitting the golf ball from the tee box as one would in regular golf. Next, the group of players decides which the best shot to make is. The best shot could be the furthest one or the one that has a straight shot into the green. When the players decide what shot is the best, (or lie), each golfer hits the golf ball from that position (or near it).

This occurs on each shot, whether it is from the tee box, on the fairway, in the rough, or on the green.

A notable thing about the scramble format is that each player does not have to be concerned about every shot he or she makes. If a shot is shanked, then you just cross your fingers that another player will get a perfect shot when he or she has a turn. Easily said, every player in the gang can help with the final score.

Here are some more recommendations for using the scramble format:

1. When playing for fun, try TeeGolf in addition to using the scramble format.

TeeGolf ( is a new golf game where you can place your golf ball on a tee anywhere on the golf course except the green. (This allows the novice golfer the opportunity to get a good stroke at the golf ball.)

TeeGolf also lets you better the lie of the golf ball. You may also take 3 Mulligans in each round of golf.

By combining the scramble format with TeeGolf, the game of golf becomes much easier and far more interesting for the casual player.

2. Using the scramble format when playing a causal game of golf with relatives of pals will make the game more amusing. Since you all will be hitting the ball from the same spots on the course, there will be more time spent together. As well, you will be able to have fun together during the game.

Playing the scramble, keeping one score (and using TeeGolf, if you wish), makes the game of golf more enjoyable for the average or less-than-average golfer because it is more forgiving.

Try out the scramble format next time you play golf and play with your family and friends, who may be hesitant about playing golf at first; however, they will surely appreciate a game that is less challenging and where everyone can pitch in.